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一、 单独用作疑问词.
1. 问身体健康等情况.
How are your parents?你父母身体好吗?
How are things in your father’s factory?你爸爸厂里的情况怎么样?
2. 问天气状况.
How is the weather today?今天天气怎么样?
How does your mother go to work every day?你妈妈每天怎么去上班?
How can I carry the box upstairs?我怎样才能把这箱子搬到楼上呢?
How do you like this book?你觉得这本书怎么样?
二、 与其它形容词或副词搭配使用 
1.How old问年龄、年代.
How old is your friend?你朋友多大了?
How old is the bridge?这座桥有多少年代了?
2.How many问可数名词数量.常将可数名词复数紧随其后.如:
How many pictures are there on the wall?墙上有多少幅画?
How many glasses of milk would you like?你们想要几杯牛奶?
3.How much询问不可数名词的数量、物品的价格.
How much money is there in the purse?钱包里有多少钱?
How much are the apples at the moment?目前苹果什么价钱?
4.How long提问物体的长度、时间的长短.
How long is the Changjia River?长江有多长?
How long does it take you to do your homework every day?
5.How soon 对 “in+一段时间 ”提问,表示“多久之后”.
How soon will you be back?你多久后回来?
6.How often对表示频率的副词或短语提问.
How often does Mrs.Green go shopping?格林夫人多久去购一次物?
7.How about用来征求对方意见.
Your father is a worker,how about your mother?你父亲是工人,你母亲呢?
How about playing games after school this afternoon?下午放学后做游戏怎么样?
8.How far 问两地间的距离How tall问人(树)的高度;how heavy问重量;how wide问宽度;how high可以询问建筑物、山峰高度.
How far is it from the earth to the moon?从地球到月球有多远?
How tall is Yao Ming?姚明身高多少?
How heavy is that big box?那只大箱子有多重?
How wide is the new street?这条新街有多宽?
How high is the tower in Paris?巴黎的那座塔有多高?
How funny the little boy looks!这个小男孩多有趣啊!
How beautiful the flowers in the parks are!公园里的那些花多美啊!
How far is the factory from here?车站离这儿有多远?(疑问)
How far the factory is from here!车站离这儿多远啊!(感叹)

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